To the wine producers that are rarely, occasionally or not at all present abroad, this is what we say:

XVX Italia is a chance to become a part, immediately and free of charge, of the product portfolio of a broker with many years of experience and already operating in over 20 markets worldwide.  We deal with expanding and consolidating the export presence of a certain number of labels and wine producers, selected according to established criteria, which, through a completely transparent and independent process, become part of a “platform” capable of putting them in touch with international importers/distributors through XVX Italia.


The wines and alcoholic products of our current suppliers, wineries and estates located in Italy and Greece, as well as those of potential client companies, can be discovered and purchased through our distribution and brokerage activity, which usually entails taking over the management of all bureaucratic, legislative, customs and commercial aspects with foreign contacts, with no legal exclusive sales limits for your organisation and eliminating all financial risks.


XVX Italia’s participation in the main tradeshows and in many other events throughout the year will allow you, in return of a limited and transparent co-sharing of costs, to be visible, should you wish to be so, at a significant number of international events.


Your labels may become a part of specific commercial projects, especially abroad, which XVX Italia develops in connection with the various opportunities that present themselves or that we ourselves initiate.


Hence, XVX Italia is not a consultant nor does it sell advertising spaces at tradeshow stands, but instead it is an expert professional company that purchases, pays and increases the value of your wine for an audience of thousands of international buyers, streamlining and enhancing the efficiency of your investments in terms of time, money and effort, helping your labels to be competitive and contributing to the improvement of your profits.


Is that enough to spark your interest?


Write to us at:, come and visit us at our new offices in the city of Siena, schedule an appointment at our stand during the ProWein or Vinitaly tradeshows, or invite us to visit your winery, where we can discuss all aspects in the comfort of your office.