Some Italian wines are famous and some are not.  Of course, products of high or excellent quality can be found among the most well-known appellations as well as the lesser-known (or the nearly unknown) ones, the fruit of the hard work and passion of renowned, important brands as well as small family-owned wineries.


Project NY (Not Yet) is the proposal of XVX Italia, whose aim is to spread across the international markets the knowledge of wines, appellations and wineries that aren't very well known, not quite successful, or rather, Not Yet successful, providing the tools for the importer/distributor to conquer new commercial spaces in the local markets, to make their investments in terms of time, costs and efforts more efficient, and to increase their financial margins and their impact.


The weak point of the small wineries that produce wines belonging to “minor” - but also “major”! - appellations, often lies within their inability to offer the international trade commercial stability, information, solid selling points.


It’s true that retailers and consumers constantly need new incentives and new proposals. We must however know how to reach out to them, how to give them a reason to agree and try out new paths and to consider new brands reliable. Building up the aforementioned conditions in collaboration with the importer/distributor is the task XVX Italia, a distributor of Italian wines abroad for many years now,  has devoted itself to: to help trade operators find new commercial opportunities, give them the hidden stars and rising stars in Italian wine sky.


XVX Italia coordinates different activities, taking care of the distribution or mediation and handling all of the bureaucratic, legislative, customs-related and commercial aspects with operators. It supports, completes or replaces a winery’s sales team.


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